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Keo Saw Works (91 years)

In 1931 Keo Saw Works had its beginning as the Repair Shop of Samuel J.A. Wifvat and was located at 937 14th St, Des Moines. Mr. Wifvat had been a teacher prior to 1931 and was in instructor at Drake University.

The name Keo Saw Shop was found in the City Directory of 1932.

By 1933 Mr. Wifvat had moved Keo Saw Works to its location at 1334 Keosauqua. Earl R. Simcox was an employee of Keo by 1933.

In 1938 Earl Simcox is listed as manager of Keo Saw Works, while Mr. Wifvat had moved to 1421 Keosauqua and conducted a novelty and furniture store.

In 1949 William B. and Earl Simcox were listed as managers of Keo Saw Works.

In 1955 Bill Simcox had become sole manager of Keo Saw Works.

At the time of the widening of Keosauqua in 1959, Keo Saw Works was moved to 801 Park St. and was then under the management of Bill O'Brien. During 1968 Keo Saw Works was moved to 1731 E. Guthrie, Des Moines.

In 1970 Paul Naylor joined the company and worked with Mr. O'Brien. In 1972 Mr. Naylor took over the management of the company.

At the start of 1986 the name was changed to KSW Corporation.

In April of 1987 KSW Corporation opened a sharpening facility in Dallas, Texas.

In early 2001 KSW Corporation opened a sharpening facility in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2003 KSW Corporation sold its sharpening facility in Atlanta, Georgia to its largest supplier.

At year end 2014 the Dallas Texas operation was sold.

In 2021 KSW Corporation was purchased by Holt Sales & Service (HSI).

In early 2022 KSW Corporation was moved to its current location 2345 Dean Ave. Des Moines IA.

The HSI family of companies include Ex-Guard,

HSI-Duratek, HSI-Modtek & KSW Corporation

With a combined strength of over 120 employees and with in-house CNC milling and turning, laser cutting, robotic welding, added to the KSW precision grinding we are better positioned to supply all your Knife & Blade requirements.

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