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For 91 years KSW has been building
premium cutting products for the food
processing industry

Many producers have come to rely on KSW for
premium replacement blades and
resharpening services for all major brands
and custom fabricated machines in the food industry


• Back splitter
• Belly / Stomach blades
• Boot jack
• Chine bone Blades
• Chitterling Blades
• Front foot
• Fat back
• Hind foot, double hock
• Ham end
• Serrated rib, Baby back
• Shoulder chop
• Tenderizer


Circular Processing
Unique edge patterns
exclusive to the food
processing industry.
• Dome
• Hi-Lo
• Saw Tooth
• Scallop
• Serrated
• Skip tooth
• Tiger tooth
• U-Notch


• Carcass splitter
• Brisket

Straight &
Reciprocating Blades

• Hog knives
• Mid section skinners

Band Saw blades
• Carcass Splitting
• Frozen Meat/Fish
• Fresh Bone-In

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