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Stress Fracturing: A Recipe for Metal in Your Meat

Updated: Dec 8, 2022


Many pork processors using circular blades or knives have experienced stress cracking.

Stress fracturing can occur in blades used for heavy primal cutting: including hind foot saws, leg/shoulder saws, and loin and belly saws.

Not only does a cracked blade need replacing, but tiny pieces of the blade can become loose and fall off. You don’t want that in your meat! In addition to extra blade costs, this can create hours of lost production time and ruin large batches of meat.

Cracking is usually caused by one of two things: poor quality of the blade base metal or inconsistencies in the heat-treating process.

Other causes of stress fracturing can include:

  • The grinding process commonly used to create the bevel leading to the edge of the blade can also contribute to stress fracturing.

  • Face grinding with a course cup wheel. This method is fast and efficient for high material removal rates but leaves heavy scratches leading away from the edge.

What’s the Solution?

Peripheral grinding using a traditional wheel to create scratches radially. These will resist the stress fracturing, and maintain a stronger edge.

All heavy-duty blades manufactured by KSW are ground using traditional peripheral grinding technology, delivering you the strongest edge in the industry.

Contact us today to find out how we can save you time and money with durable, crack-resistant blades.

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